Chiminea Safety Guidelines

So that you can enjoy your chiminea in complete safety, here are a few guidelines which will help you to avoid any accidents.

  • cast ironThe chiminea should be sited on a flat surface that is none combustible. It should not be placed directly onto a wooden surface.

  • The surface the chiminea is to be placed on should be flat and level. The chiminea should not wobble at all.

  • If assembly is required, be sure to read the assembly instructions carefully and attach any fastenings securely.

  • Do not leave the chiminea unattended. It gets very hot and could pose a hazard to both children and pets. Note - it is possible to buy a safety guard for a chiminea.

  • Make sure that the chiminea is placed away from other materials that could burn or catch fire, both overhead and to the side, such as tree branches, sheds, awnings, washing lines, fences and plants.

  • Use long barbecue tongs to handle food to lessen the risk of burning yourself. A pair of fire gloves would also be useful - the sides of cast iron barbecues in particular get very hot.

  • Never use your chiminea indoors.

  • It is adviseable to keep a fire extinguisher handy, just in case.

  • Never use an accelerant to light a chiminea. In September 2007, a man was admitted to hospital in Toronto, Canada, after burning himself whilst trying to light a chiminea with a "small amount" of petrol. The fire "flashed back" on the man, burning his chest and forearm, critically injuring him.