Chiminea Cooking Tips

It can be fun and easy to cook food on your chiminea, and you won't have to serve burnt offerings if you follow these simple cooking tips:
fire gloves

  • Start the fire about 20 minutes to half an hour before you want to start cooking the food. This will allow the fire to get going.

  • Make sure that the pieces of meat to be cooked are of a similar type and thickness.

  • Take care to ensure that meat, especially chicken and minced meat such as sausages and burgers, are cooked right through. Juices from a properly cooked chicken should be clear and not at all pink.

  • Use separate cooking implements for handling raw and cooked meat to avoid the transfer of bugs. Store the cooked meat separately from the raw meat, and wash your hands after handling raw meat.

  • Prick sausages and fatty meat to allow the fat to drain.

  • Check the food frequently as it can cook very quickly.

  • toolsI would recommend the use of barbecue charcoal when cooking food.

  • Use barbecue tongs to handle food to lessen the risk of burning yourself. The sides of cast iron barbecues in particular get very hot.